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In the meantime here are a few images for your viewing pleasure. Copies of any of these, either prints or electronic, are available.

Light Show:  A Caribbean Reef Squid at Night, Gunaja, Bay Islands, Honduras

Tomato Anemonefish in an Anemone, Sipadan Island, Borneo, Malaysia Ornate Ghost Pipefish; Kungkungan Bay Resort, Sulawesi, Indonesia Tomato Anemonefish in eyeball anemone; Palau, Micronesia

A Diver's Attention; Cozumel, Mexico

    Reflections of a Diver; Bonaire, Netherlands Antilles School of jacks; Sipadan Island, Borneo, Malaysia
Pink Anemonefish in anemone; Palau, Micronesia       Sponge with Feather Duster Worms; Cayman Islands Pink Anemonefish and semi-closed anemone
Green moray and another photographer; Guanaja, Bay Islands, Honduras Barracuda school, Banda Sea, Indonesia Pedersen Shrimp and Corkscrew Anemone; Plantation Beach Resort, Honduras Bay Islands
Clown fish in purple anemone; Palau, Micronesia Caribbean Reef Octopus; Grand Cayman, Cayman Islands Pink Anemonefish and cleaner shrimp in semi-closed anemone; Wakatobi, Sulawesi, Indonesia
No Contest: Dolphin and diver; Roatan, Honduras Bay Islands

All pictures are © 1984 - 1998 Dave Van Rooy
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